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Zoho Apps Implementation

At LB Digital, we specialise in implementing a wide range of Zoho applications tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are looking to streamline your sales processes, enhance your marketing efforts, improve customer service, manage finances efficiently, collaborate effectively, or optimise human resources, we have got you covered.


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Streamline your sales pipeline, track leads, and close deals more effectively.
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Enhance your CRM experience with additional features for marketing automation, analytics, and customer support.
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Engage website visitors in real-time and convert them into leads or customers.


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Manage and monitor your social media presence from one platform.
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Plan, execute, and analyze your marketing campaigns seamlessly.
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Build and host engaging websites without any coding knowledge.
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Automate repetitive marketing tasks and personalise customer interactions.
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Access advanced marketing features for comprehensive campaign management.


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Gain control over your finances with comprehensive accounting and financial management tools.
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Simplify accounting processes and manage finances effortlessly.
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Track and manage business expenses efficiently.
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Manage and track your inventory in real-time.
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Create customised online stores and accept payments securely.
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Automate payroll processes and ensure compliance with regulations.

Human Resources

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Manage HR processes, employee data, and performance evaluations effectively.
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Streamline HR tasks such as attendance tracking, leave management, and document management.
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Simplify the hiring process and find the best talent for your organisation.
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Manage temporary staffing and shift scheduling efficiently.


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Deliver exceptional customer service with multi-channel ticket management.
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Provide remote support and troubleshooting assistance to customers.
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Optimize field operations and manage service appointments efficiently.
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Visualise data from various sources to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Email and Collaboration

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Manage your email communications effectively.
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Schedule and conduct online meetings with ease.
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Enable customers to book appointments online effortlessly.
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Foster team collaboration with instant messaging and file sharing.
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Store, share, and collaborate on documents securely.
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Create and deliver online courses and training programs.
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Electronically sign documents and streamline approval processes.


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Access a comprehensive suite of integrated business applications for all your needs.
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Gain insights into your business data and make data-driven decisions.
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Plan, track, and collaborate on projects seamlessly.
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Implement agile project management methodologies and deliver projects faster.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage these powerful Zoho applications to drive business growth and success.
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