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Streamlining Business Setup Operations with Zoho CRM

Problem Statement:

The client, a prominent business setup agency based in Dubai, faced significant challenges in managing their operations process for license applications. With a workforce of over 150 employees, keeping up with the volume of applications and their updates proved to be a daunting task.

Recommended Solution:

Recommended Solution: To address the client's operational challenges, the recommended solution was to implement Zoho CRM along with Zoho Books. This integrated approach aimed to streamline the entire closure process, from lead generation to the issuance of licenses.


The implementation began with the integration of Zoho CRM into the client's website, enabling seamless lead capture. Automation was then deployed to reduce manual effort and prevent lead loss. By defining specific criteria, the system identified qualified leads, which were promptly routed to the appropriate business setup advisor or salesperson.

  1. In the sales process, advisors were provided with a simplified set of steps to follow, ensuring timely deal closure. Furthermore, all intricacies and specifics of the application process were pre-captured by the system, alleviating burdens for the operations team.
  2. Upon successful closure of a deal, applications were seamlessly transitioned to the operations team. The system facilitated the management of multiple pipelines, each corresponding to different jurisdictions or authorities for license applications, ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the process.
  3. Post-implementation, comprehensive training was provided to users across the pre-qualification, sales, and operations departments. This equipped them with the necessary skills to effectively utilize their respective modules within the Zoho CRM ecosystem.

Key Learnings:

The benefits of the new system were quantifiable. The client observed improvements in sales pipeline velocity and a reduction in the time taken by the operations department to process applications. With all applications now transparent and easily trackable, management gained real-time visibility into the status of each application, empowering informed decision-making.


By leveraging Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, the business setup agency in Dubai successfully overcame operational challenges, streamlined processes, and enhanced overall efficiency. The implementation not only optimized lead management and deal closure but also improved transparency and accountability across departments, ultimately driving business growth and client satisfaction.